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December 2016
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Our Newest Ambassador of Vision and 10-year Camp Director, Laurie Fenneuff tells her Royal Family KIDS story.  One of her strong points has been recruiting great staff.  Listen as she shares the SOTO of "Andy" and how the light came on for him in a teachable moment at camp.

Join us March 5th, 2015 for "Snapshots in Time" our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

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Listen to Diane & Eric Rae as they share a Holiday Fund-raising tradition from Santa Maria, CA.  They also share some great leadership ideas and quotes!

 Read more at: Holiday Home Tour Story

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Glenn Garvin, Vice President of Camps, Clubs & Mentors at Royal Family KIDS shares how his life was changed after hearing the words, "You Do That Well!" 

Hear ALSO how the Camp Birthday Party idea was born in Glenn's SOTO - Story of the One.

 You can find this book, "A Seed of Hope in Toxic Soil" at or at our webstore at


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Listen to Glenn Garvin interview Kaci Redmond as she shares her story of taking the next step of becoming a mentor after serving at Royal Family KIDS Camp.  Being a mentor is both challenging and rewarding.   The level of committment is big, but the reward is well worth the effort!


If you would like to learn how to launch a Club & Mentoring program, please contact Kim Hopper, National Director of Camps & Clubs at

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Listen as these 10-year veteran camp directors share their story of starting their first camp.  Dan Fong has taught high school for 30 years and Dr. Sandy Cook-Fong has taught social work in the Nebraska University system, (Kearney & Omaha) to countless people now in the field.  Their experience and passion has brought them to being a part of our national training team.   

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Episode 14 - Kim Hopper -

Kim Hopper, National Director of Clubs & Mentors shares the power of creating a place to BELONG all year long for children from camp.  This episode's SOTO (Story of the One) is of a camp staffer that said YES to mentoring!   She would like to encourage camp directors to learn more about training by visiting our website at:

 714-438-2494 ext: 101

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Joanne Feldmeth, our new Director of International Programs shares how serving at RFK can help people who are hesitant, to the on-ramp to foster care & adoption.  Hear the Story of the One (SOTO) of a child who is unable to trust adults as he moves from frustration to freedom!

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What if we could serve children from camp throughout the year?  In this 2-part episode, Joanne Feldmeth shares how Royal Family KIDS club & Mentoring programs began.

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Episode 11 - Bekki, Former Camper - Power of a Promise KEPT!

Listen to former RFK Camper, Bekki as she shares how a promise KEPT by the adults at camp made such a huge impact on her young life.  Growing up in numerous foster and group homes on Chicago's South Side, this amazing young woman will move you deeply as she challenges listeners to take the giant step of faith to launch their own camp or club for foster children.

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Here the story of John Schwider (Regional Ambassador/Field Rep from Chicago), as he shares how his life was impacted by his first year as a camp leader at Royal Family KIDS.  He and his wife have served for 21 years as volunteers and full-time since 2005 in the role of launching, training & sustaining camps, clubs & mentors for children from the foster care system.  There is a special guest & her SOTO in this awesome episode!

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